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FI have many friends at school, Near home, We play with each other, out of all my best friend is jack who has been my friend since my child hood, we grew in a same locality, we are studying in a same school in the same class.

I have many other friends in the locality, school etc
We play cricket, football, hide n seek every day, we come from school by 4 PM and then we start playing.

On friendship day we all got up early in the morning, I went to all friends home, tied friendship bands, exchanged gifts, cards etc.
In the evening there was a get together for friends where we had a party dance programs, singing competition, some games etc. We took picture with my friends my parents too met their old friends and greeted them with greeting cards etc.

On the previous friendship day we went for a outing with all the families of my friends where we played many games, for parents there was musical chair competition we enjoyed a lot.

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